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What is EquiLottery?

EquiLottery allows players to purchase lottery tickets that pay out based on the results of live horse racing. Engaging the public in the excitement of live horse racing while working under existing U.S. law, this patented gaming method supports the good causes of state lotteries and enhances exposure and revenues for racetracks nationwide. Scroll down to learn more.

Lottery Draw Game

A daily $2 draw game based on the results of a live horse race. Each ticket represents a 3 number bet with horse numbers and names listed.

Buying a ticket is easy and fun!

Game of Chance

Quick Pick game play simplifies player and retailer experience.

Can be implemented using well established state and federal gaming laws.

Video Integration

Daily race videos available through mobile app, website and monitors at retailers. A link to the mobile app and website printed on each ticket.

Cash Prizes

Cash Prizes

Top Prize = $300 – $1,700

Box Prize = $5 – $40

Match Any Two Numbers = Free Ticket

Scratched Horse/Cancelled Race = Free Ticket

Second Chance Raffle

Registering tickets with the state lottery players club enters players into a quarterly drawing with prizes including:

Triple Crown Dream Trip, VIP Racetrack Experience, Exclusive Stallion Farm Tours, Horse Ownership and Retail Gift Cards.

Cash Prizes

Every Ticket is a Winner

Registered tickets automatically receive a voucher for a free racetrack offer including:

General Admission

Betting Voucher

Food or Beverage

Track Program

*States with little or no in-state racing can extend this offer to other local sporting events.

How EquiLottery Works

How Profitable Is EquiLottery?

EquiLottery returns are directly positioned between profitable mainstays like Powerball and and the lower margin scratch off games which make up 60% or more of all lottery sales. While exact percentages will vary based on fixed costs unique to each lottery, EquiLottery is a great option for lotteries looking for ways to maximize profits while diversifying their menu of lottery games with a low risk for cannibalization.