Why Millennials Love EquiLottery: They’re Just Like Everybody Else

After three weeks of our Why Millennials Love EquiLottery series, are we really telling you this research points to Millennials being like every generation before them when it comes to lottery appeal? In a word, yes. Lottery is hardly a new concept, dating back to the Han Dynasty in 205 BC funding projects such as … Continued

Why Millennials Love EquiLottery: An Introduction

But it’s the Millennial scores that really set EquiLottery apart from the crowd. Unlike other attempts to reach this age group, EquiLottery isn’t targeted for Millennials, it just happens to be for Millennials.

209 Million Examples Why People Love Horse Racing

Horse racing is incredibly well positioned to retake the mantle as one of our great past times. At two minutes or less per race, it’s even formatted to fit into this era of short attention spans and entertainment on the go, especially when presented through a mobile app.

Kentucky HBPA Endorses EquiLottery as “Important Innovation” for Racing

“The HBPA is most enthusiastic about the chance to introduce millions of people across the country to the excitement of live horse racing through this important innovation,” said KY HBPA President Rick Hiles. “We wholeheartedly back this product and ask state leadership in Kentucky to do the same.”